The incredible power

All of our services are provided with 980Gbps Firewall absolutely for free.

DDoS Protection From the Following Attacks:

HTTP(s) Header
HTTP(s) Post Flood
HTTP(s) Post Request
HTTP(s) GET Flood
Ping of Death
NTP Reflection
DNS Amplification
SSL Exhaustion
Teamspeak Exploits
TCP Flood
ICMP Flood
Application Attacks
SYN Flood
UDP Flood
Zero-Day Attacks
Smurf Attack
RAW Flood

Available as an always-on or sensor, protection that guarantees you the freedom and lack of thinking about problems. Advanced Cloud-Based technology to protect all layers of all the known world methods. Attacks are filtered 24/7/365. Get rid of the arduous fight against attacks. Let our engineers save you from these troubles. At a time when DDoS attacks continues to grow and are at once more refined, you have to put on a world-class security that guarantees.

Without Firewall

Your server is not protected

With our Firewall

During the attack all malicious traffic is filtered

For all customers who wish to get our protection in external companies - We have prepared a special offer of Reverse Proxy and Anti-DDoS Tunnel. This allows you to protect your services anywhere in the world.


We protect not only service our customers from DDoS attacks. Also we protect their privacy, which is most important for us.

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Cloud Based

When a suspicious pattern is detected, traffic toward that IP is redirected for mitigation to the Security Cloud. It is not rigid filtering by one hardware. It is a full service consisting of multiple devices.

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