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Why Choose BlazingFast?

  • Best hosting provider
  • Award anti-DDoS cloud infrastructure
  • Awesome control panels
  • Reference Domain solutions
  • Support Premium 24/7/365
50.000+ Clients
More than 50,000+ active customers trust our services.
Our Datacenters in multiple locations with thousands of servers have high availability redundant systems.

No matter what you are going to work with: place a promo site or start high-loaded project - in a few steps with us you will succeed.

We have created the fastest and most convenient cloud technology to help you easily and more efficiently manage your infrastructure. We are using only the latest high-performance NVME Drives in all our servers, that will let your application run faster than ever before. We provide the best tools to control your virtual server in the cloud. We take your privacy very seriously! You can rest assured that your personal information such as IP and Email Address including files stored in our system will be kept in strict confidence and we will never sell, rent or otherwise distribute them.

Our Datacenters are Located across the 7 Kingdoms

You will be able to choose the location that mostly suits your business.

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You intend to visit our facilities?

Please schedule an date with our sales manager if you're interested in visit us.